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my name is Karen, and I am a Medical Surgical and Community Health nurse!

I work day shift at both of my jobs. I wanted to give you all some insight on how I prepare for my day shifts as well as provide you with some tips on how to get through a day shift.



Scrubs Check!


One way in which I prepare for a work day is to get certain things prepared the night before in order to save time in the morning. The night before my day shift, I make sure to pick out what scrubs I am planning to wear the next day. I then place them in an area of my room where I can easily see them, so I can just grab them in the morning.




Meal Prep


When deciding what I want to pack for breakfast and lunch, I always try to make sure I include healthy options. For example, for breakfast, I will have oatmeal. To make the oatmeal more nutritious, I will bring fruit like bananas to add to it. I also make sure I bring plenty of snacks since I may not always have time to sit down for a full meal. Some nutritious snacks I bring are organic granola bars and guacamole with vegetable tortilla chips. One thing you always want to make sure you bring enough of is water! Keeping hydrated throughout the day is very important.


Another way I save time in the morning is by preparing my lunch the night before. This way, I have enough time to cook or buy whatever I am going to bring for lunch. I also prepare my lunch bag the night before by putting snacks and water into it, and placing it in the refrigerator so I can just grab it quickly in the morning.



Bag Readiness

I also make sure to pack other necessities I will need like my stethoscope.





Day shift can be very busy, so I always try to get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before. Nothing is worse than going into work exhausted. 







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June 03, 2022 — Kai K

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