koi Basics Leslie Women's 2-Pocket Stretch Print Scrub Top

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Style Number: 384PR-WMB


You'll love this smart and stylish koi Basics print top. Contemporary fit.

  • Athletic-inspired, breathable mesh
  • Sporty v-neck styling
  • Designed to keep you cool and dry
  • Two front pockets
  • Side slits
  • Length Size Small: 26"
  • 97% polyester, 3% spandex
Style Numbers: 384PR-AMP(American Pops) 384PR-ATL(Autumn Leaves) 384PR-BDY(Beautiful Day) 384PR-BLB(Brilliant Butterflies) 384PR-BOS(Boos Snooze) 384PR-BSB(Busy Bee) 384PR-BTM(Butterfly Melody) 384PR-BYC(Butterfly Confetti) 384PR-BYH(Baby Hearts) 384PR-CKB(Chicks and Bunnies) 384PR-CSE(Camo Starlette Electric Blue) 384PR-CSP(Camo Starlette Taupe) 384PR-CWG(Chicks with Glasses) 384PR-DEB(Dreamscape Elec Blue/Navy) 384PR-DNM(Denim Patch) 384PR-DSG(Dreamscape Galaxy) 384PR-DSP(Dreamscape Pink) 384PR-FCP(Faux Lace Platinum) 384PR-FEQ(Fully Equipped) 384PR-FFT(Floral Fiesta) 384PR-FHY(Frothy) 384PR-FPY(Fancy Party) 384PR-FUR(Fur Baby Bunch) 384PR-FXY(Foxy) 384PR-GFZ(Germ Free Zone) 384PR-GHP(Get Happy) 384PR-HDU(Halloween Dress Up) 384PR-HGM(Platinum Grey All Over Marble) 384PR-HHS(Hono & Hibiscus) 384PR-HUN(Haunted Night) 384PR-HVT(Harvest Tapestry) 384PR-KOE(Koala Express) 384PR-LAM(Llama) 384PR-LBS(Lets Build A Snowman) 384PR-LNH(Love and Happiness) 384PR-LSN(Love Swan) 384PR-MKB(Monkey Business) 384PR-MMC(Mermaid Cove) 384PR-MOW(Pet Buddy's) 384PR-NRL(Nurse Life) 384PR-PAP(Paisley Passion) 384PR-PPP(Poppies) 384PR-PSS(Pool Side Leopard Sunshine) 384PR-PTY(Pretty Kitty) 384PR-SBS(Star Bursts) 384PR-SGM(Sage All Over Marble) 384PR-SGT(Spring Time) 384PR-SNB(Shine Bright) 384PR-SNC(Stink n' Cute) 384PR-SNL(Snow Flakes) 384PR-SOW(Space Owls) 384PR-SPM(Soft Pink All Over Marble) 384PR-SSN(Sunny Snails) 384PR-SWT(Sweet Tooth) 384PR-TCK(Teacup Kitty) 384PR-TDT(Trellis Tie Dye) 384PR-TFY(Toof Fairy) 384PR-TPA(Tiki Pineapple) 384PR-TRL(Turtle) 384PR-VVP(Vivid Petals) 384PR-WCP(Watercolor Poppies) 384PR-WMB(Wisteria All Over Marble) 384PR-WWL(Winter Wonderland)

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