Recipient of the 2018 koi Designing Happiness Nursing Scholarship!

We’re proud to award the 2018 koi Designing Happiness Nursing Scholarship to Reece Tatarka, in memory of David Nejberger, a koi sales rep and a compassionate advocate of nurses and the medical community.

We had nearly a thousand applications for our 2018 scholarship and so many deserving entries. Thanks to all who submitted an application. We wish all of you the best in your studies and careers.

About Our 2018 Scholarship Recipient

When Reece Tatarka was 21, he enlisted in the United States Navy. As a Navy Corpsman, he worked at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in what was called the “Wounded Warrior” ward. He worked with wounded service members with serious and traumatic injuries. He rendered care to double, triple and quadruple amputees. He performed IV therapy, drew blood for lab-work, administered medication and assisted in complex wound-care. He also spent much of his time on and off the job, bonding, befriending and empathizing with his patients, sharing his love of music, participating in the “music therapy” program of the hospital. Now working toward a nursing degree at the Community College of Rhode Island, Reece embodies many qualities that make him an ideal nurse: unselfishness, compassion, empathy, understanding and a desire to give back and serve others. Congratulations, Reece. We are proud to award you with our 2018 koi Designing Happiness
Nursing Scholarship.

Look for information on our 2019 koi Designing Happiness
Nursing Scholarship later this year!