What’s important when buying scrubs?

We recently asked our friends on Facebook, “What’s important to you when it’s time to buy scrubs?”

A) moisture wicking and stretch,

B) easy care,

C) styles.

Here are some of the responses:

“All of them… love koi…” —Shannon V.

“…Need the whole pkg which I have found with koi..” —RoxAnn M.

“all of the above LOL” —Jen R.

Not surprisingly, everyone had their own thoughts. Easy care and styles seemed the most popular criteria, but many said all of the above.

Some mentioned other things like fit, number of pockets and price. So here are some options that fit your criteria:

Style & sophistication!

Mariposa by koi Tara top

Want it >


Breathable & keeps you dry!

koi Lite Philosophy top

Need it >

Easy care is a priority!

koi Tech Abby top

Gotta have it >

Pockets galore!

The Lindsey™ Pant

Must have it >


All of the above plus price!

koi Basics Katie top

Love it >

Whatever you’re looking for, koi has something you’ll love. And a big thank you to everyone who shared their input with us! #koiscrubs

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Sometimes the Impossible Takes a Little Longer

Each year, koi founder Kathy Peterson racks up thousands of miles seeking out the latest fashion trends.

One trend she noticed in her travels was the growing popularity of dip dye, tie dye and ombre in the fashion world. She loved the look and wanted to duplicate it for the scrubs world.

But there were challenges…

You can’t really do dip dye on the synthetic blends that are so popular in the scrubs market. And tie dye is typically a hand-done process where the design is irregular, inconsistent and not easy to control. Kathy wanted to create a garment with the look of dip dye, but with more consistency in the colors as well as the placement.

So Kathy gave her design and production team the impossible task of coming up with the garment she pictured in her mind.

They grumbled and pulled out their hair as Kathy rejected sample after sample. But they kept at it. After a lot of trial and error, they arrived at a solution that lived up to Kathy’s expectations.

Instead of using the typical dip dye process, the team instead engineered a print that replicated the look of dip dye.

The result was a consistency you could never achieve with the dip dye process.

The team was able to ensure that each garment was cut the same way and control the exact placement of the colors on the garment, ensuring the ideal progression of dark to light colors and making sure the sleeves would always match.

Best of all, the team was able to create this look, as Kathy requested, using our original koi Lite fabric.

In the end, the koi team achieved the impossible.

So check out our new ombre tops in our just released Spring ’18 collection. The garments may seem simple enough but now you know how much effort went into creating them.

Our koi Lite Reform ombre tops are available in Electric Blue & Navy, Mulberry & Grape, and Flamingo & Black. Look for them at your koi retailer or online.

Celebrate the New Year with a new look

The new year is just around the corner. So why not make a resolution to start 2018 with a fresh new look for yourself or your group? Here are some great options to update your wardrobe:


Modern & Athletic


For a more modern, athletic look, consider our koi Lite Philosophy top with rib trim and our jogger style Happiness pants.

Shop koi Lite >


Fashionable But on a Budget

Our affordable, new koi Basics collection is a great way to look amazing for less. Perfect for the modern workplace, they’re super comfortable and easy to care for.

Shop koi Basics >



Prints are another great way to freshen up your wardrobe. One or two new print tops can go a long way to liven up your look and spirits.

Shop koi prints >


Loves the Classics

People love the soft twill fabric and the incredible fit of our Katelyn tops and Lindsey pants. They’re perfect for every day.

Shop koi Classics >


A new wardrobe is a great way to start the new year fresh!

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Gift Ideas from Santa’s Helpers (Our Staff)

We asked the koi elves (our employees) which koi items make the best gifts for friends and family.

The gifts with the most votes were:

1) koi utility bags,

2) koi compression socks, and

3) koi backpacks.

But there were other great gift ideas, too! Here’s what else they had to say:




“We are giving the whole family Koi Lite scrubs for them to wear on Christmas day to lounge in while unwrapping their gifts.”

—Esther, Production Control Specialist

Shop koi Lite >








“I bought my sister-in-law a pair of compression socks because she’s pregnant. She says she wears them every single day because they keep her feet warm and her legs are less tired at the end of the day. I had to buy her 4 more pairs!”

—Eliza, Marketing Manager

Shop Compression Socks >







“I gave my sister a utility bag and my cousin took it from her to use it as her make up bag. They literally borrow it from each other. I ordered everyone pants and accidentally shorted my brother in law, but he kept my girl cousin’s Lindseys and he wears them since he didn’t want to wait for an exchange.”

—Janet, International Sales Specialist

“I gave the Flamingo utility bag as a baby shower gift and she used it as a diaper bag! It was her favorite gift.”

—Stephanie, Sales Director

Shop Utility Bags >






“My wife and daughter both love their tokidoki backpacks. They get compliments on them all the time. My wife even had to order another one for herself since she gifted hers to a friend who kept admiring it.”

—Bryan, Marketing Zen Master

Shop Backpacks >









“I have a couple of friends who walk the cancer walk and I have sent them the breast cancer tops and badges. They are all nurses. They loved them!”

—Tom, Customer Service

Shop BCRF >








How we created the best scrubs at a great price

When we decided to launch koi Basics, we set out to create a value-priced collection unlike anything out there. A collection that isn’t the result of cutting corners, but one that delivers incredible quality and superior value.

koi Basics features super comfortable stretch fabric, advanced moisture-wicking technology and design details usually reserved for more expensive scrubs. We’re proud to announce that this brand-new collection starts at just $19.99!

So how did we get so much awesome-ness at such a low price?



Innovation. We challenged our team to custom-engineer an easy care fabric that combined stretch, moisture-wicking and superior comfort without breaking the bank.







Adaptation. Years of designing premium quality scrubs allowed us to tap an extensive knowledge base, so we could adapt popular design features without a long and costly learning curve.






Efficiencies. Our design and production team worked closely with suppliers and factories to exchange ideas throughout the process to ensure greater cost and manufacturing efficiencies.





Partnership. We’ve built strong partnerships with our long-time suppliers who bought into our vision for koi Basics and who were willing to work with us on costs so that we could offer this amazing collection at an unbeatable price.




Put it all together, and you get our new koi Basics collection, starting at $19.99.

It’s now available online and at your local koi retailer. We know you’re gonna love it!



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