Mike Muellner is both a doctor and a skateboarder. Here he is taking our new koi Basics men’s scrubs out for a sweet ride.

These moisture-wicking scrubs feature premium stretch fabric for comfort, flexibility and easy movement. All at a price you’ll love. No ironing required.

Best of all, they’ll keep up with you, on or off the job.

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Our Fall 2018 collection is in stores now. Here’s a quick peek at some of our newest styles:


koi Bridgette top, Print: Walking My Cat, front & back

Be the picture of purr-fection in this super cute, Instagram-worthy print top. Features kitty with ribbon bow & heart charm.



koi Stretch Lindsey 3.0 pants, Modern classic fit

Love our classic Lindsey pant? You’ll love the new Stretch Lindsey 3.0 even more. Features the easy, relaxed fit you love about our original Lindsey plus amazing stretch for shaping and comfort. Feels so good.



koi Lite Bliss top, Print: Zebra-Stitched Espresso, Matching surgical hat

Perfect for the wild at heart. Pair it with our matching surgical hat when roaming the hospital halls.



koi Basics Bryan top, koi Basics Luke pants

New koi Basics styles for men. Look amazing, no ironing required. Easy care, moisture-wicking scrubs at a price that’s easy on your wallet.

See our new fall style at your local koi retailer or online at

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So you need a lab coat for work. But with so many options out there, how do you find the perfect one for you? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Your work environment.

Where you work will often dictate the type of lab coat or jacket you choose. If you work in a hospital, choose a style that offers more coverage for protection and warmth. For dental practices, lab jackets with ribbed cuffs, like the koi Lite Clarity jacket, are a great choice. For spas, cosmetic surgeons or state-of-the-art practices, something modern and fashion-forward can help you project the right image.

  1. The stuff you carry every day.

If you’re like most healthcare professionals, you carry a lot of gear. Pick a lab coat with lots of pockets. Extra storage always comes in handy. Some lab coats, like the koi Riley unisex lab coat, even have a pocket for your iPad.

  1. Light or heavy?

Lab coats come in different fabric weights. If you run around a lot or live in a warmer climate, consider something lighter weight. If your workplace is on the cooler side, you might want something heavier to keep you warm.

  1. Quality matters.

It’s likely you don’t buy lab coats very often. So you want one that will last. Our advice: Spend a little extra for a better made coat. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

  1. The pluses and minuses of soil release.

When comparing lab coats, you may come across some that offer soil release. A soil release finish can help prevent liquids and particles from soaking through the fabric. However, this feature sacrifices breathability and often times, it loses its effectiveness after a few washes. So if breathability is a priority for you, it may be better to choose a lab coat without this feature.

  1. Try before you buy.

Lab coats come in many styles, fabrics, weights and lengths. Fit and sizing will vary by brand. So before you buy, try on several styles at your local uniform shop to see what works best for you. It will save you the hassle of returning something that isn’t quite right.

By following these tips, hopefully, you’ll end up with a lab coat that’s perfect for you.

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By guest blogger Janet Navarro. koi’s International Sales & Service Specialist

“I am so intrigued as to why koi chose this Latin American country to invest their time and resources in? I am just so curious as to why out of all of your options you chose to cater to your clients in this unique way, I’ve never heard of another brand do something of this sort! I get store visits every once in a while, but this!” – Uniformania, Nicaragua

Just a few weeks ago, I sat in Costa Rica, meeting one-on-one with participating retailers from all over Latin America: Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico and of course Costa Rica (to name a few).

I have been distributing koi uniforms internationally for almost 4 years now. In such a short time, I have learned that koi is a team of pioneers and trendsetters! But these retailers don’t fall short of that either. They are the reason why we invested our energy and time to grow with them not just on a business level but a real solid relationship.

I mean look at them!

I am not one of brevity, but it’s always so simple to me when people are genuinely surprised at some of those outside-the-box things that koi does. koi is special because of the time and details that goes into our processes – not just our uniforms!

Why not? We all work 24/7 when we own our own business or have a dream- that’s what makes it a reality, right? Hard work also means you deserve a break! So, why not spend the day visiting a beautiful waterfall and majestic animals with those that share the same vision!

Pictured above: Front Row: Adolfo Vargas and Gaby Castro (Gabter’s – Mexico), Tour Guide: Carolina Mendez, Patricia Tuti, Rito Baez ( Uniformes Medicos CR – Costa Rica ) Back Row: Adriana Santos and Blanca Santos (Magic Uniforms – Puerto Rico), Nelson Medrano koi Inventory Analyst @ La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Alajuela Province; Costa Rica.

Largest Butterfly Exhibit @ La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Alajuela Province; Costa Rica. Pictured: Kathy Peterson (koi Creator and Designer), Maria Elena Bernal and Felipe Aco ( Mafel – Mexico).

Costa Rican Traditional Ox Cart. Pictured: Lorena Araya Alfaro, Martha Mejias Alfaro (Tienda del Paraiso – Costa Rica) and Patricia Tuti, Rito Baez ( Uniformes Medicos CR – Costa Rica ) @ La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Alajuela Province; Costa Rica.

Pictured: Lidys Ospino and Efrain Alfonso Cala ( Inversiones Ospino – Colombia) @ La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Alajuela Province; Costa Rica.

Pictured: Blanca Santos ( Magic Uniforms –Puerto Rico ), Janet Navarro (me! – koi International Sales & Service Specialist), Marielos Blanca Aguilar and Maria de Socorro Sanchez (Uniformania – Nicaragua) @ La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Alajuela Province; Costa Rica.

This was our first (and most packed) day – we spent our first day venturing to an amazing place. We had to rush it a bit but it was so worth it! I think it’s safe to say this was the highlight of our trip, not only because we were able to see such wonders of Costa Rica – but the fact that koi staff and retailers were able to share this experience together.

Right when we reached our bus after a day and lunch gathering in this natural escape, the storm hit!

The next thunderbolt strike would be the fury of our fashion show! We all got back to our hotel and got fancy for a koi Fashion Show featuring our new Fall 2018 collection!

Pictured: Costa Rica’s own koi Models, Green Blazer: Crisitina Zamora and Black Dress: Amanda Pacheco of Alfazeta Uniformes – Costa Rica.

And of course, after a successful fashion show is the after party. I have to mention, the models were so comfortable they didn’t even remove the koi uniforms and literally danced the night away all night! Barely even broke a sweat – that moisture wicking I tell ya’!

Pictured: (not me! )– Janet Navarro koi Int’l Sales & Service, Monica Quesada – koi Model in her scrubs DANCING! , and Cristina Zamora (Alfazeta Uniformes – Costa Rica).

Pictured: Amanda Pacheco (Alfazeta Uniformes – Costa Rica) and the rest of the party goers!

Pictured: Self Named “Latinas en Scrubs” alliance/BFFs/support System created here! Maria de Socorro Sanchez, Marielos Blanca Aguilar (Uniformania – Nicaragua), Adriana Santos and Blanca Santos (Magic Uniforms – Puerto Rico), and Cristina Zamora (Alfazeta Uniformes – Costa Rica).

And don’t tell Kathy, but I caught her! If anyone knows Kathy, our designer/owner/creator/trendsetter in charge is pretty shy…. But I failed to warn her, if you’re anywhere near the dance floor – you WILL be grabbed to dance!

I mean, what can I say? Every relationship has its moments. But our first international koi regional event was truly a success in so many ways and it’s definitely going to be a highlight to those retailers that participated. For those that wanted to be there, we sure did miss you! But don’t worry, koi is always designing happiness!


If you’re a petite woman (under 5’ 3” or so), you know what a challenge it can be finding the right size scrubs. Sometime the tops are too long. Or the pants drag on the floor. Or the proportions are all wrong.

Here are some tips to help you find the best scrubs for you.

  1. Try before you buy.

Many local uniform retailers carry a variety of petite styles you can try on. Sizing and fit vary by brand so the best way to ensure a proper fit is to try on different brands to see what works best for you. If your local uniform shop doesn’t carry petite scrubs, encourage them to do so. Most uniform shops will be willing to put in a special order for you.

If you prefer shopping online, popular brands for petite scrubs include Barco, Dickies, Cherokee, Wonderwink and koi for discriminating customers.

  1. Look for brands that offer Petite and Extra Petite inseams.

Pants the wrong length can be a tripping hazard. Typically, regular pants inseams are around 31”. For a petite nurse, this means hemming the pants or having them drag on the floor. So seek out pants with petite (P) inseams (typically 29”). Some brands like koi even offer select styles with extra petite (XP) inseams (27”). koi also offers many styles in XS and XXS.

  1. Pay attention to hemlines.

Some pants styles just work better for petite women. For example, koi offers a number of pants styles (such as the koi classics Lindsey pants or the koi Lite Spirit pants) with an adjustable bungee toggle at the hem. This allows the wearer to cinch up the pants at the right length, no alterations required. Likewise, the koi Lite Happiness jogger-style pants have a row of snaps at the hem that allows easy adjustment of length.

  1. Don’t forget your shoes.

Before you purchase scrubs pants, think about the size of the heel you will be wearing with your pants. This will help you determine the correct length for your scrub pants.

  1. Look for shorter length tops.

Not all tops are designed to be the same length. For a more flattering fit, look for tops on the shorter side, such as the koi Classics Ashley top, koi Basics Becca top and koi Lite Philosophy top.

  1. Talk to petite co-workers.

Likely, they deal with same sizing issues as you do. Ask which brands and styles work best for them. They may be able to tell you which local uniform shops carry petite styles.

  1. Get advice from online Nursing Forums

Nursing forums like can be a great resource for getting info on the best petite scrubs or any other nursing questions you may have.

  1. Check out online reviews

Go to the website of popular online uniform retailers like, or and read product reviews of styles you are considering.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect scrubs for you.

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